Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf

Zeolite Pro

Zeolite Pro will shield your pet environment from animal urine preventing the build-up of bacterial spores within the turf canopy as well as keep the synthetic fibers standing upright, maintain ballast, and allow rapid blade recovery. This pure mineral will be on guard 24/7 both in the sub-grade and the fibers continually fighting to destroy the uric acid that would otherwise become a gas causing unwanted odors.


Envirofill® is a high performance, environmentally-friendly specialized infill material that makes pet turf look and feel great.  Its Microban® antimicrobial product protection works continuously to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that cause odors and stains.

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Pet Turf in Charleston

Palmetto Moon Synthetic Pet Turf

No more holes, digging or dirty dogs. 

Our pet turf will provide trouble-free maintenance and will look great for years to come.  You will enjoy having a clean pet that doesn't dig and roll around in the dirt and need constant grooming and washing because of your yard.  Our pet turf is ideal for both your pet's paws and your yard's aesthetics.  For pet turf installations we use Zeolite, a natural pet turf deodorizer for the infill.  Our pet turf provides a clean and sanitary place for dogs to play that maintains its lush, green, and realistic look and feel all year long.  Composed of our pet tested and pet approved synthetic turf, specialized infills, and innovative odor control products, it is truly the best artificial grass for dogs.

Refresh™ Cleaner & Odor Eliminator is a uniquely formulated cleaner and odor eliminator using 100% colony forming bacteria (not enzymes), the only formulation of its kind! When applied, it continually works to chemically destroy odors by digesting the harmful bacteria caused by urine, feces and other disease causing bacteria, while releasing a very pleasant fragrance called “Nature’s Scent.” 

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