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EnvyPet Refresh™ Pet Turf Cleaner & Odor Eliminator

Refresh™ Cleaner & Odor Eliminator is a uniquely formulated cleaner and odor eliminator using 100% colony forming bacteria (not enzymes), the only formulation of its kind! When applied, it continually works to chemically destroy odors by digesting the harmful bacteria caused by urine, feces and other disease causing bacteria, while releasing a very pleasant fragrance called “Nature’s Scent.”

Better Performance

Refresh™ was originally developed for pet owners to eliminate the ammonia odors caused by pet urine, feces and organic matter that can create an unpleasant environment and potential disease for your pet at home or in a boarding kennel or veterinary clinic.

Refresh™ can be used in virtually any area where odors are present from drains to locker rooms to food service areas and grease traps. Refresh™ is a safe and environmentally friendly formulation that eliminates odors biologically (rather  than temporarily masking odors like so many other products that are sold. Refresh™ contains the highest live bacteria count of any product with more than 300 billion. Refresh™ can be used with confidence on artificial pet turf and anywhere odors exist.

Freshly Mowed Lawn Mixed with Mountain Rain

Many odor control products simply mask one unpleasant odor with the smell of chemicals or harsh cleaning agents.  Refresh™, on the other hand, features a  natural fragrance we call “Natures Scent” that closely resembles the scent of a freshly mowed lawn mixed with mountain rain.


Refresh™ includes a full case of quart-sized bottles, with a delivery system that includes: two trigger sprayers for ready to use applications direct from the container, and two Refresh™ misting hose connectors (these screw directly from the quart bottle to a garden hose) that are used for treating larger areas that pre dilute Refresh™ with a dilution of up to 1:15 or 8.5 oz. / gal. Second tip offers 1:64 or 2 oz./gal. Refresh™ can be used in any pressurized sprayer undiluted or at desired dilution.


Refresh™ is designed for use on turf, concrete, or other surfaces areas where multiple dogs reside or play including dog runs, kennels and boarding facilities. 

Treating Large Areas - Connect the misting hose connectors to a quart container of Refresh™, attach the other end to a water hose securely, rotate the dial on the hose to your desired dilution and spray over the area liberally. The frequency that Refresh™ should be used is based on the number of dogs present, and drainage available.

Treating Small Areas - Refresh™ may also be sprayed undiluted directly from the container or a typical pressurized sprayer when needed as the conditions require a stronger solution.


Bottles can be bought by the quart or by the gallon.  Call 843-618-6611 to place your order.