Artificial Lawn, Pet Turf, Playground, Sports Field 

and Putting Green Professional Installation

Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf

Turf Infill Installation

A power broom is used to brush up the fibers.  A spreader is used to drop the infill in between the grass fibers of the turf. This process of power brooming and spreading of infill is continued until the infill is at the desired depth. The infill holds the artificial turf fibers upright and acts as a ballast. The more foot traffic you have, the more infill is needed.  We typically use green sand or if you have pets we will use a pet turf deodorizer infill.  Once these steps are completed you will have a Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf project you will be proud of for years to come.

Artificial Grass Installation

The artificial grass will be laid on top of the compacted base.  Once the rolls of turf have been positioned, any seams that need to be made will be prepared.  We use an easy seam machine with seam tape along with landscape pins.  After the seaming process is completed, the edges will be meticulously trimmed around the edging.  We use 6 inch landscape pins or place treated lumber around the perimeter and secure the turf to that depending on the type of application needed.

Base Installation

We begin with crush and run (unwashed screenings) for your artificial turf base.  It is essentially the same base used for highways. The crushed rock will be evenly distributed to provide a firm base for the turf.  The base material is much firmer than soil and will accept a large amount of drainage through the turf.  Next a plate compactor is used to create a stable base.  A solid base allows us to secure the turf to the base throughout the installation area.  A properly graded and compacted base are essential to the longevity and proper drainage of your artificial turf. 

Base Preparation

Once you have decided to have Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf install your artificial turf product, we will begin by removing the existing sod or landscaping.  Usually several tons of sod will have to be removed.  A layer of permeable weed barrier will be laid down and secured to the ground.  This serves to keep the base of crush and run on a firm base.  We typically leave any existing sprinkler systems in place, but we are happy to cap them off if preferred.  At this point, we will install any borders or edging necessary.

What Is the Installation Process?

A consultation will be arranged for your Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf  landscaping project.  We will help you select the right artificial turf that will be the best  fit for your yard.  Your design consultant will measure the installation area and determine the amount of artificial turf needed.  You will receive an estimate based on the installation process, and we will answer any questions you have about the project and arrange a suitable installation date. 

Information on Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf

Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf  has been in business since 2007. We have installed artificial lawns, putting greens, bocce ball courts, pet parks and even a 9 hole putt putt course for clients across South Carolina, the Palmetto State. We get our name Palmetto Moon from the S.C. state flag which contains the palmetto tree and crescent moon.  Our business is growing, and we look forward to serving new clients throughout the Southeastern United States.